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  • 浅谈什么是J9国际站呢
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J9国际站,也叫调光玻璃,是两层玻璃之间夹着一层液晶膜(俗称调光膜, LC film),液晶膜由PVB膜覆盖在比较中央,然后置于高压釜或一般的一步法炉子里经过高温高压的过程胶合而成。

Intelligent dimming glass, also called dimming glass, is a layer of two layers of glass sandwiched with a layer of liquid crystal film (commonly known as LC film), the liquid crystal film is covered by the PVB film in the most central, and then placed in the autoclave or in the general one step furnace through high temperature and high pressure process.



Intelligent dimming glass has privacy protection function and all safety glass application characteristics.


It can control transparent and opaque glass at any time. Intelligent dimming glass is a very excellent projective screen. In the environment of suitable light, if the projector is selected with high brightness, the effect of projection imaging is very clear.


The above is to introduce the content of intelligent dimming glass, hoping to provide some help for people in need, and more content, please look forward to it.